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Romantic Nail Designs – Make Your Hands More Beautiful

Nail Designs with different colors give your nail and hands an attractive look, it enhances the beauty of your nails. Nail art is extensively on-trend and mostly followed by teenage or young girls.

Its demand is increasing in the fashion way. Nail designing is not a difficult task to make, you just need to have some known how and a little bit of practice about how to make it.

Romantic Nail Designs & Fresh Looks
Romantic Nail Designs & Fresh Looks

But if you are in hurry and want to create attractive nail art styles and designs then you can buy ready-made nail art designs which are available on any market. You just have to buy it and have to paste it on your natural nails.

Nail art required some simple tricks about how you can use colors in different styles. In this article, I will tell you about how you can make creative and different nail ideas and designs at parties.

Steps for Creating Nail Designs

When you are going to start you have to follow some simple but foremost steps if you want to clean and beautiful look:

  • Your first and foremost steps are to clean your hand, make you’re your hands clean from old nail polish.
  • A second step is to shape up your nail. Shape your nails in a round or square shape which one you like the most.
  • A third step is to apply a base coat before starting nail art designs.

Create Dotted-Pattern Nail

Dotted designs are very simple and do not require too much struggle or effort. For getting this design you need two nail polishes with different colors, a combination of colors must be perfect.

Create Dotted Pattern Nail
Create Dotted-Pattern Nail

Suppose you are going to choose red and black nail polish.

Firstly apply red color as a base coat and leave it for few minutes to air to dry, other step is to pick a toothpick or pin and dip it in the black nail polish, now make dots on your nails.

Make your dots or dots size according to your wish. Continue it till you do not complete it. When your nails are completely dry now apply transparent nail polish as a final coat to make it shiny.

Make Leopard Pattern Designs

Leopard design looks adorable, it is also not time-consuming. For making these nail designs choose three nail polishes of different colors.

Take one light or two dark colors. Use light color as a base coat and now crate dots with dark color Nail Polish in different shapes with pins or small brush, dots must be different with each not.

Make Leopard Pattern Designs
Make Leopard Pattern Designs

Now use a second dark color and draw an outline outside the dots. Now leave it for a complete air try. For finishing, look apply transparent nail polish which makes it shiny.

It is no doubt that the Best nail look and beautiful designs create the element of fun, designs, colors, or a pretty look.

You need some practice for creating nail art because practice makes anything perfect. I am sure this article is perfect for providing you simple and easy nail designs.


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